HKS Elective Courses in Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences

The HKS Courses below qualify towards The MLD Certificate

Current HKS students should visit my.harvard for detailed schedule information, availability of courses offered in multiple sections within a given semester, and those offered in more than one module or semester. Core required courses, e.g., MLD-220M and MLD-501M, are not listed below as they do not count towards the MLD Certificate.  Click here for details about review and approval of NON-HKS courses that may be credited towards the MLD Certificate


Negotiation & Decision Sciences

Leadership Development

MLD-201-A         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (Chipungu)
MLD-201-B         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (O’Brien)
MLD-201-C         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (O’Doherty)
MLD-202         Leadership from the Inside Out: The Personal Capacity to Lead and Stay Alive (Heifetz; Formerly numbered MLD-364)
MLD-203         Exercising Authority: Power, Strategy, and Voice (Leary)

MLD-355M      Public Narrative: Self, Us, Now (Ganz)
MLD-356M      Public Narrative: Loss, Difference, Power, and Change (Ganz)
MLD-617M         Effective Implementation: Learning from Effective Implementers (Hartmann & Butler)
DPI-890           The Making of a Politician (Not offered AY20)

Leadership Studies

MLD-322         The Art and Adventures of Public Leadership (Gergen)
         The Leadership System: Leaders, Followers, Context (Kellerman)
DPI-115           The American Presidency (Porter)
DPI-117M   The Evolution of the 21st Century American Presidency: Bush, Obama, and Trump (Kamarck; Not offered AY20)

DPI-720           Leaders and Leadership in History (Temkin)

Decision Sciences

MLD-301         Leadership Decision Making (Lerner; Not offered AY20)
MLD-302         Behavioral Decision Making (Chaudhuri)
MLD-304         Science of Behavior Change (Rogers; Not offered AY20)

MLD-310         Behavioral Economics for Organizations (Bohnet; Not offered AY20)
MLD-335Y         United Kingdom Immersive Field Course: Behavioral Insights (Luca; Not offered AY20)
API-222-A       Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics (Saghafian)
API-222-B       Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics (Saghafian)

API-302         Analytic Frameworks for Policy (Zeckhauser)
API-303         Game Theory and Strategic Decisions (Dogan)
API-304         Behavioral Economics and Public Policy (Not offered AY20)
API-305         Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy (Sunstein)
IGA-224        Decision Making in Recent Crises (O’Sullivan)

Negotiation and Conflict Management

MLD222M      Negotiation Analysis (Hong; Not offered AY20)
MLD-223      Negotiating Across Differences (Hong; Module-length version also accepted)
MLD-224-A         Behavioral Science of Negotiations (Minson)
MLD-224-B         Behavioral Science of Negotiations (Minson)
MLD-232      International Negotiation: Fundamentals for Emerging Global Leaders (Wilkinson; Module-length version also accepted)
MLD-280         Advanced Workshop in Multiparty Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mandell)
MLD-283M     Leadership in Negotiations: Away from the Table, Everything it Takes to Get the Job Done (Sherman)
IGA-109       Negotiation and Diplomacy (Burns, Mnookin, & Sebenius)


Organizing for Social Change

Strategic Management

Government and Civic Innovation

MLD-620M      The Data Smart City: Driving Innovation with Technology (Goldsmith)
MLD-621         Innovation Field Lab: Public Problem Solving in Massachusetts Cities (de Jong; Not offered AY20)
DEV-320M       Scaling Up for Development Impact (Guerrero Pulgar; Not offered AY20)

DPI-662        Digital Government: Technology, Policy, and Public Service Innovation (Eaves)

Organizing Civic, Political, and Social Action

MLD-375    Creating Justice in Real Time: Vision, Strategies and Campaigns (Brooks)
MLD-377        Organizing: People, Power, and Change (Ganz; Not offered AY20)

DPI-312M      Sparking Social Change: Analytic Frameworks to Guide Social Innovators (Moore)
DPI-313M    Sparking Social Change: Design Lab (Moore; Not offered AY20)
DPI-367    Philanthropy and Social Movements: Will The Revolution Be Funded? (Francis)
DPI-535       Making Change When Change is Hard: the Law, Politics, and Policy of Social Change (Power & Sunstein)

IGA-147      Civil Resistance: How It Works (Chenoweth)
IGA-385       Strategizing for Human Rights: Moving from Ideals to Practice (Johnson)
IGA-388      Nonviolent Resistance in the Age of Authoritarians (Johnson; Not offered AY20)
SUP-715    Morals, Money and Movements: Criminal Justice Reform as a Case Study (Brooks)


Persuasion, Power, and Influence

MLD-340         Power and Influence (Battilana; Not offered AY20)
MLD-342         Persuasion: The Science and Art of Effective Influence (Orren)
DPI-351M       Lobbying: Theory, Practice, and Simulations (Fagan)


Social Enterprise

MLD-830          Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors (Cavanagh)
MLD-831         Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors – Business Plan Workshop (Cavanagh) 
MLD-836M        Social Entrepreneurship/Social Enterprises 101: How to Go from Start-Up to End Up (Bildner)
MLD-840          Entrepreneurial Finance (Byers)
BGP-235M        Private Capital for Public Purpose: Impact Investing and Its Siblings (Wood)


Strategic Management

MLD-102-A         Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context (Andrews)
MLD-102-B         Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context (Andrews)
[Note: MLD-102 is eligible only when taken by non-MPA-ID students, i.e., as an elective.]
MLD-103M      PDIA in Action: Development Through Facilitated Emergence (Andrews)
MLD-105M     Getting Stuff Done: Leadership and Execution in Global Affairs (Rosenbach; Not offered AY20)

MLD-110         Strategic Management for Public Purposes (Zimmerman; Not offered AY20)
MLD-112        Implementation: Strategy, Management and Leadership: Lessons from the Field (Glynn)
MLD-113M       Strategy and Decision (Zimmerman)
MLD-115         Management Matters: Leadership, Strategy and Getting Things Done (Bower; Not offered AY20)
MLD-630M     Government Turnarounds (Liebman; Not offered AY20)
MLD-632M    Transforming Public Interest Organizations (Freeland)
MLD-635      Creating Public Value: The Theory and Practice of Strategic Management in Government (Moore; Not offered AY20)
IGA-282      Leading the National Security Enterprise (Carter)

Financial Management

MLD-401M        Financial Analysis of Public and Nonprofit Organizations (Iammartino; Not offered AY20)
MLD-410          State and Local Financial Policy (Chodos)
MLD-411       Introduction to Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management (Bilmes & Iammartino; Module-length version also accepted)
MLD-412        Greater Boston Applied Field Lab: Advanced Budgeting, Financial Management and Operations (Bilmes)
MLD-427-A         Managing Financial Resources in Non Profit Organizations (Honan)
MLD-427-B         Managing Financial Resources in Non Profit Organizations (Honan)
MLD-840          Entrepreneurial Finance (Byers)

API-141         Finance (Deep)
API-148        Advanced Risk Management and Infrastructure Finance (Deep)
DEV-209         Management, Finance, and Regulation of Public Infrastructure in Developing Countries (Lee)
DEV-210         Public Finance in Theory and Practice (Rosengard)

Managing People

MLD-500         Maximizing Human Capital and Organizational Performance (Livingston)
MLD-502M       Developing People (O’Brien; Full-semester version also accepted)
MLD-505M      Leading Teams for Public Impact (Leary)
MLD-670        Gender and Public Policy (GAPP) Seminar: Promoting Diversity in Organizations (Livingston)
DPI-575M    “Unwelcome”: Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus (Wald)

Operations and Performance Management

MLD-601         Operations Management (Fagan)
MLD-602         Performance Leadership: Producing Results in Public and Nonprofit Agencies (Behn)
MLD-605M         Supply Chain Management for Public Service Delivery (Fagan)

MLD-610         Generating and Using Evidence to Improve the Management of Your Organization (Wilson; Not offered AY20)
DPI-670M         Preventing Digital Disaster: Why Digital Implementations So Often Go Badly (Eaves and Kelman)

DPI-671M         Disrupting Bureaucracy: Understanding Recent Efforts in Digital Government (Eaves)
DPI-678M        Product Management and Society (Pham; Formerly titled ” Introduction to Product Management: Building Technology in Government and Beyond”)


Crisis and Conflict Management

MLD-381        Mitigating and Managing a Crisis (Kayyem)
IGA-455M      Leadership in Environmental Conflicts (Wentworth)

Click here for details about review and approval of NON-HKS courses that may be credited towards the MLD Certificate