HKS Elective Courses in Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences

The HKS Courses below qualify towards The MLD Certificate

(For more detailed information, click here for the Registrar’s listing of MLD-courses by course number, which includes availability of courses offered in multiple sections within a given semester and those offered in more than one module or semester. Core required courses, e.g., MLD-101, MLD-220m, and MLD-501m, are not listed below as they do not count towards the MLD Certificate.)


Negotiation & Decision Sciences

Leadership Development

MLD-201-A         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (Heifetz)
MLD-201-B         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (O’Brien)
MLD-201-C         Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (O’Doherty)
MLD-323         Authentic Leadership Development (Born)
MLD-325         Becoming a Leader (Gergen; Not offered AY17)
MLD-355M      Public Narrative: Self, Us, Now (Ganz)
MLD-356M      Public Narrative: Loss, Difference, Power, and Change (Ganz)
MLD-364         Leadership from the Inside Out: The Personal Capacity to Lead and Stay Alive (Heifetz)
MLD-617M         Effective Implementation: Learning from Effective Implementers (Hartmann)
DPI-330-A           The Making of a Politician (Jarding)
DPI-330-B           The Making of a Politician (Jarding)

Leadership Studies

MLD-329         Power and Glory in Turbulent Times: The History of Leadership from Henry V to Steve Jobs (Koehn)
MLD-351         Leadership Literacy (Kellerman; Not offered AY17)
MLD-352         The Leadership System: Leaders, Followers, Context (Kellerman)
DPI-115           The American Presidency (Porter)

DPI-720         Leaders and Leadership in History (Temkin)
IGA-610M-A         Leadership and Ethics in American Foreign Policy (Nye)
IGA-610M-B         Leadership and Ethics in American Foreign Policy (Nye)

Decision Sciences

MLD-301         Leadership Decision Making (Lerner; Not offered AY17)
MLD-304-A         Science of Behavior Change (Rogers)
MLD-304-B         Science of Behavior Change (Rogers)

MLD-310         Behavioral Economics for Organizations (Bohnet)
MLD-328M         Noticing: A Leadership Challenge (Bazerman)
MLD-335Y         United Kingdom Immersive Field Course: Behavioral Insights (Bazerman)
API-302         Analytic Frameworks for Policy (Avery)
API-303         Game Theory and Strategic Decisions (Dogan)
API-304         Behavioral Economics and Public Policy (Madrian)
API-305         Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy (Sunstein)
IGA-224         Decision Making in Recent Crises (O’Sullivan)

Negotiation and Conflict Management

MLD-222M-A         Negotiation Analysis (Hong)
MLD-222M-B         Negotiation Analysis (Hong)

MLD-223M-A         Negotiating Across Differences (Hong)
MLD-223M-B         Negotiating Across Differences (Hong)

MLD-224         Behavioral Science of Negotiations (Minson)
MLD-225         Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Negotiation (Wilkinson)
MLD-255         Negotiation Intensive (Bazerman)
MLD-275         Negotiation Practicum (Flax; Not offered AY17)
MLD-280         Advanced Workshop in Multiparty Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mandell)


Organizing for Social Change

Strategic Management

Government and Civic Innovation

MLD-620M         Urban Innovation:  Concepts and Practices (Goldsmith)
MLD-621         Innovation Field Lab: Public Problem Solving in Massachusetts Cities (de Jong)
DPI-662        Digital Government: Technology, Policy, and Public Service Innovation (Eaves)
PED-320M         Scaling Up for Development Impact (Guerrero Pulgar)

Organizing Civic, Political, and Social Action

MLD-377        Organizing: People, Power, and Change (Ganz)
DPI-312           Sparking Social Change in a Dynamic World (Moore; Not offered AY17)
DPI-360           Social Capital and Public Affairs: Research Seminar (Putnam)
IGA-385           Strategizing for Human Rights: Moving from Ideals to Practice (Johnson)

Persuasion, Power, and Influence

MLD-340         Power and Influence (Battilana)
MLD-342         Persuasion: The Science and Art of Effective Influence (Orren)
DPI-351M       Lobbying: Theory, Practice, and Simulations (Fagan)


MLD-807M         Philanthropy and Social Innovation (Marquis)

Social Enterprise

MLD-829M-A         Entrepreneurial Finance I (Byers)
MLD-829M-B         Entrepreneurial Finance I (Byers)

MLD-830         Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors (Cavanagh)
MLD-831         Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors – Business Plan Workshop (Cavanagh) 
MLD-833M         Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (Marquis)
MLD-836M         Social Entrepreneurship/Social Enterprises 101: How to Go from Start-Up to End Up (Bildner)
MLD-837         Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab for US & Global Health (Bloom)
MLD-839M         Entrepreneurial Finance II (Byers)
BGP-235M         Private Capital for Public Purpose: Impact Investing and Its Siblings (Wood)
DPI-312         Sparking Social Change in a Dynamic World (Moore; Not offered AY17)


Strategic Management

MLD-102-A         Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context (Andrews)
MLD-102-B         Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context (Andrews)
[Note: MLD-102 is eligible only when taken by non-MPA-ID students, i.e., as an elective]
MLD-110         Strategic Management for Public Purposes (Zimmerman)
MLD-115         Management Matters: Leadership, Strategy and Getting Things Done (Bower)
MLD-801         Strategic Management of Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations (Not offered AY17)
PED-209          Management, Finance, and Regulation of Public Infrastructure in Developing Countries (Lee)
Financial Management

MLD-401M         Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (Not offered AY17)
MLD-410         State and Local Financial Policy (Chodos)
MLD-411M         Introduction to Budgeting and Financial Management (Bilmes; The AY16 full semester-length version of this course also qualifies.)
MLD-412M         Advanced Applied Management, Operations, and Budgeting (Bilmes)
MLD-427-A         Managing Financial Resources in Non Profit Organizations (Honan)
MLD-427-B         Managing Financial Resources in Non Profit Organizations (Honan)

API-141         Finance (Deep)
PED-209         Management, Finance, and Regulation of Public Infrastructure in Developing Countries (Lee)
PED-210         Public Finance in Theory and Practice (Rosengard)

Managing People

MLD-320M         The Art of Leading in a Diverse World:  Skills, Insights, and Best Practices (Bellinger)
MLD-500         Maximizing Human Capital and Organizational Performance (Livingston)
MLD-502          Developing People: Personal and Systemic Capacity Building (O’Brien)

Operations and Performance Management

MLD-601         Operations Management (Fagan)
MLD-602         Performance Leadership: Producing Results in Public and Nonprofit Agencies (Behn)
MLD-603         Operations Management for Improving Public Services (Saghafian; Not offered AY17)
MLD-610         Generating and Using Evidence to Improve the Management of Your Organization (Wilson)
DPI-671M         Disrupting Bureaucracy: Understanding Recent Efforts in Digital Government (Eaves)
DPI-670M         Preventing Digital Disaster: Lessons from (Eaves and Kelman)

Crisis Management

MLD-381         Mitigating and Managing a Crisis (Kayyem)


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